Guide to Fragrances: Spring edition

As we move into spring the air is filled with the sweet and delicate fragrances
of blooming flowers which can be accentuated inside your home.

From your living space to your bedroom or from your kitchen to your car
elevate every moment with your favourite Spring fragrance.
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Serenity Numbered Core Candle and Fragrant Disc

Serenity Numbered Core

Embrace the cozy atmosphere and let your worries melt away with the calming flicker of the candle’s flame.

Indulge in the enchanting blend of pear and fig where the sweet fruit notes meets the warm base of the Mediterranean fig.

This range features a 300g Candle, 200ml Diffuser and a 110ml Room Spray.

The Spring Candle is a customer favourite featuring a 2 in 1 candle lid and fragrant disc. Being a porous ceramic lid the scent from the candle holds in the lid. When used in conjunction with a room spray you can enhance the fragrance on the lid to be used as a Fragrant Disc.
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Serenity Belle Serenite Candle and Diffuser

Aromabotanical Core

Lemongrass and Ginger apart of our large range of Aromabotanical products features the perfect Spring Candles and Spring Diffuser blends.

Experience the perfect blend of citrus zest and spicy warmth that fills
the air, creating a welcoming and invigorating atmosphere in your favourite
spaces with Spring candle scents.

Available in a 680g Candle, 340g Candle, 200ml Diffuser, Fragrant
Disc, Car Diffuser, 100ml Room Spray and 15ml Fragrant Oil, start making your collection today!
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Scent Maison Aurora

Transport your senses to the tranquil shores this spring with the Sea Mist fragrance in the Aurora range.

Made from high-quality glass it makes a statement in any space bringing a sense of comfort, tranquility and intimacy.

This luxurious range features a 300ml Diffuser, 375g Candle and a grand 1000g Candle.

Made from a sustainable coconut wax these products are eco-friendly with a longer and more even burn and has the property to provide long lasting scents.
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Embrace spring and create the ultimate atmosphere in your home
with the best spring fragrances to elevate your everyday.