Our Story

Home Fragrance Co. is an Australian company, designing and manufacturing exceptional home fragrance products over three brands.

Aromabotanical, the start of the journey, uses high quality fragrances using the finest ingredients, including essential oils and pure extracts, right here in Australia. Our candles are hand poured from ecologically sustainable botanical waxes and have cotton wicks. These waxes are blended to suit each different product’s performance criteria. Fragrance throw, clean burning and maximum burn time are all important considerations in a quality candle. 

Our boutique perfumer, with a lifetime of experience and passion, creates, and manufacturers bespoke fragrances containing essential oils and pure extracts featured in our unique range of products including fragrant candles, diffusers, fragrant oils, room sprays & fragrant ceramic discs.

Aromabotanical’s Masters range introduces the Van Gough and Monet Series that features candles and diffusers fragranced with essential oil blends & packaged in stunning artworks. The Wellbeing range of candles, diffusers, essential oils, & room spray feature aromatherapy essential oil blends for your mind & body wellness.

Serenity Home Fragrance, , introduces vibrant, on-trend ranges including candles, diffusers, room sprays & hand/body wash. Unique packaging has been designed to highlights each new range & reflect a moment in time for Serenity while ensuring a competitive price point. Our candles feature a blend of premium soy wax and quality fragrances for consistent product performance.

Belle Serenite presents a classic French Provisional look that features candles and diffusers uniquely fragranced. Serenity Crystal connects you with deeper subconscious feelings. Hear the relaxing sounds of a crackling fire with Serenity's natural timber wick. Our Vivid ranges introduces a unique beaker vessel with on-trend colourways.

Scent Maison, launched in 2022, uses high quality fragrances filled with essential oils and our candles feature a premium coconut wax blend. The unique dome shaped vessel and metallic, pastel, and vibrant colourways creates an elegant design, perfect for a gift.